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Families are broken. Churches are desperate.

Young people are leaving the faith. And the number continues to grow.

Yet despite the downward spiral, there’s still hope. Hope in a God who loves this generation and is not done with them yet.

Combining both of their pastoral and apologetic ministries working with children, teens and families, Alex and Jason formed The STAND STRONG Tour to assist churches in the much needed effort to strengthen the faith of young people and their families.

THE STAND STRONG TOUR has six uniquely designed worldview-weekend series to choose from that will engage a variety of attendees. Tour Topics range from the Christian faith, the family, the workplace, leadership, college life, and religious freedoms. The Weekend Format for the Tour is adjustable to the host’s schedule which makes STAND STRONG a perfect weekend experience.

Each STAND STRONG worldview series is designed to help your members stand strong by becoming:

  • e1mboldened in their faith;
  • e2quipped with a biblical worldview;
  • e3ngaged in winning their sphere of influence for Christ.
The STAND STRONG Tour fits your church needs and schedule. Contact Alex & Jason to book STAND STRONG at your church. 2015 dates are limited.

Surefire way to get your church to STAND STRONG!

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Check out the list of 2016 dates that we have available for the STAND STRONG Tour. Contact us if you would like to book the STAND STRONG tour in your area for one of these dates. Act now before all of the dates are booked.

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