Who Does God Want Me to Reach?

By Jason Jimenez

I get this question a lot. And my answer is always the same. God wants you to reach the people around you.

Yes. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to hop on a plane and go halfway around the world to make a difference. All you need to do is start reaching the people you are around on a daily basis. This is your “sphere of influence.” But the question is whether or not you are doing any influencing?

Now you might be thinking, yeah, but I’m no leaderI don’t have people begging to follow me. The point isn’t about trying to be a leader. It’s about being an example to others.

Picture your “sphere of influence” like a field. Parts of the field have both good and bad soil (Matt. 13). Now just like farming, a Christian needs to plant, cultivate, and harvest the seed of salvation in people’s lives. A great picture of this was when Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman in John 4:1-43. In this amazing story, Jesus was very intentional in planting His Word, cultivating a desire, and harvesting a changed life from sin to salvation.