We are so pumped that you will be attending a STAND STRONG event!

Alex and Jason are passionate speakers who travel the country teaching and emboldening Christians to stand strong in their faith. They love engaging people of all backgrounds, and would be thrilled to meet you at the upcoming event in your city.

The STAND STRONG TOUR is made up of six unique worldview-weekend series. Click the one your church or hosted venue has booked to check out what it’s all about.

We believe you’re going to have an awesome time, and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your city!

Please pray for the STAND STRONG event in your city, and make sure to invite people in your community to join you.

For specific details about the STAND STRONG event in your church or city, please visit the hosted venue’s website.


1Why should I attend The STAND STRONG Tour?
The STAND STRONG Tour is geared to addressing current challenges that you face. Alex and Jason bring real answers and strategies that will embolden your faith and equip you to engage the culture for Christ.
2What will I get out of The STAND STRONG Tour?

Six sessions expounding on The Tour’s chosen topic by the host (i.e, faith, America, ministry, family, college, or workplace).

  • A Q&A time to interact with Alex McFarland & Jason Jimenez.
  • Resources to continue in your pursuit to stand strong.
3What does it cost for me to attend The STAND STRONG Tour?
Prices will vary per Tour location. Please contact the Tour Host for cost and other details.
4Can I bring an unbeliever or skeptic or is the STAND STRONG Tour just for Christians?
Yes! Please bring any skeptics or unbelievers who would like to come. The Tour, although geared towards Christians, has a great deal of valuable information for even the skeptic. Alex and Jason would love to engage your skeptic friend or family member.
5Is the STAND STRONG Tour for a certain age group?
No, not really. Although we do have Tours specifically designed for the workplace, college life, marriage and family. However, there’s still valuable information for those who will soon be attending college, entering the workforce, and/or getting married and starting a family all their own. Check with your host in your city to find out.
6Can I attend even though I’m not affiliated with the host church?
Absolutely! The host has brought The STAND STRONG Tour to its community, not just for its members.
7Can The STAND STRONG Tour come to my church and community?

We would love to! Please check out the information regarding hosting a tour.

8Is The STAND STRONG Tour specific to one denomination?
No. The Tour is based on teaching a biblical perspective from the Word of God on how Christians can stand strong in today’s culture.