Stand Strong Tour FAQs

1What’s the overall purpose of THE STAND STRONG TOUR?
The TOUR is not just another “feel good” event to put on your church calendar. It’s firmly intended to embolden Christians (both young and old) to stand strong in knowing, believing and proclaiming the truth of Christianity.

The STAND STRONG tour has six different worldview-weekend series designed to specifically teach and equip Christians, whether it surrounds their marriage and family, their work, life in college, or addressing religious freedoms in America.
2Why should I host THE STAND STRONG TOUR at my church?
Families are broken. Churches are desperate. Young people are leaving the faith. And the number continues to grow. Yet despite the downward spiral, we believe there’s still hope. Hope in a God who loves this generation and is not done with them yet. Combining both of their pastoral and worldview ministries working with children, teens and families, Alex and Jason formed THE STAND STRONG TOUR to assist churches in the much needed effort to strengthen the faith of young people and their families. The STAND STRONG TOUR has six uniquely different worldview-weekend series to choose from. Options range from the Christian faith, the family, the workplace, leadership, college life, or religious freedoms. The TOUR is also formatted to adjust to your church schedule.

Which makes STAND STRONG a perfect weekend experience for your church and community.

Each STAND STRONG worldview series is designed to help your members stand strong by becoming:

  • e1mboldened in their faith;
  • e2quipped with a biblical worldview;
  • e3ngaged in winning their sphere of influence for Christ.
Therefore, hosting this event is a surefire way in getting your church to STAND STRONG!
3Who should attend?
  1. Young Christians (middle & high school, college aged & beyond) looking for answers
  2. Parent(s) and grandparents who need further strengthening
  3. Leaders who desire further equipping
4What’s the cost for a STAND STRONG weekend event?

Alex and Jason have joined forces to help build stronger Christians and churches, not rip them off. That being said, Alex and Jason have established a cost arrangement that is very reasonable.

Standard Weekend

  • Friday Evening & Saturday - 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Fri.) & 9am-1pm (Sat.)
  • COST: $6,000
Extended Weekend
  • Sunday Morning Service(s)
  • COST: Honorarium
  • Community Leadership Breakfast/Lunch – Friday
  • COST: No Extra Charge

Due to the limited dates of the STAND STRONG tour, there is a $1500 nonrefundable deposit to secure your weekend event with us.

Travel expenses are separate and vary by location.

5What’s the format and schedule?

The STAND STRONG tour is based on six uniquely different series of systematic teachings that provide Christians, young and old, with a proper and holistic understanding of Christianity, as well as in the Christian life reflected in marriage, parenting, work, education, and in the culture we live.

A standard TOUR is Friday evening and half day on Saturday.

  • Friday Night – 6:30pm-9:30pm & Saturday – 9:00am-1:00pm (lunch is optional)

An extended weekend includes Sunday morning services.

But we want you to know that the STAND STRONG tour is flexible and willing to work to meet your church needs and schedule.

6What are some of the key issues THE STAND STRONG TOUR addresses and answers?

No doubt Christians have questions. But are they getting any solid answers?

Especially when it comes to our young people?

THE STAND STRONG TOUR specializes in this.

Alex and Jason bring a natural balance between addressing the questions, struggles and doubts within the church, while responding to the objections (that oppose Christianity) outside the church.

Each session taught by Alex and Jason brings with it passion for God’s truth and a motivation to make truth claims clear and compelling. There is no compromising the content, but a rigorous pursuit to equip Christians and teach them how to share and engage lost people in the world.

To do this, THE STAND STRONG TOUR has six uniquely different weekend series that a church can choose from. If your church wants to strengthen the faith of college students, we can do that! If you want to take couples through a fun and engaging, yet challenging marriage series, we can do that to! Whatever it is, THE STAND STRONG TOUR covers a wide-range of subjects within Christianity, while addressing issues that Christians need to know and know how to answer.

No matter what your church is going through or where it’s located, the TOUR has something the people at your church need to hear.


A weekend packed with clear bible teaching on marriage and family. A fun and engaging series that covers many of the pressing matters that comes with marriage, raising kids (both young old), and everything in between.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "The Foundation of Marriage"
  • "Building Bridges for a Better Marriage"
  • "Duty Calls: The Roles, Responsibilities, & Rewards of Dads and Moms"
  • "Stress Less: Parenting - The Most Dangerous Job on Earth"
  • "The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About God & Christianity"
  • "Leaving a Legacy By Living Christ at Home"


A weekend that will bolster your faith and sharpen your biblical worldview as you learn to defend your faith in a world hostile to Christianity.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "God & Truth Exist, Absolutely!"
  • "Can I Be Certain the Bible is Really True?"
  • "Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ"
  • "5 Things That Distinguish Jesus Christ From Anyone Else Who Ever Lived"
  • "The Core: Gaining Insight Into the Truths of Christianity"
  • "10 Most Common Objections to Christianity"


A personally engaging weekend for pastors and leaders that centers on life lessons taken from both the Bible; as well as the 40+ years of Alex’s and Jason’s ministry careers pastoring, evangelizing, writing, and speaking around the world.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "A Time to Lead & a Time to Rest"
  • "Life Lessons from Genesis and Joseph"
  • "Finding that Co-Laborer in Christ"
  • "Momentum: Setting Vision, Building Mission"
  • "War of the Worldviews: Standing Boldly for Christ in the Culture"
  • "Investing in the Next Generation"


A worldview weekend that challenges, yet brings real life solutions to Christians struggling to live out their faith in a secular and hostile work environment.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "What Are My Rights at Work?"
  • "Business is Mission"
  • "Christ, Co-Workers & the Corporate Culture"
  • "The Marketplace: Where Ideas & Beliefs Intersect"
  • "Making Disciples at Work"
  • "7 Essential Steps to Starting & Expanding a Bible Group at Work"


A worldview weekend geared to teaching and strengthening the faith and community of young people. Great for both parents and students.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "What You Will Hear Your Freshman Year"
  • "STAND: The 6 Core Truths of Christianity" 
-Which you must know for an unshakeable faith!
  • "From God to Us: How We Got the Bible"
  • "I'm Confused: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & the Gay Gospel"
  • "Inside the Mind of the Skeptic"
  • "The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family & Country"
  • "Whose Truth & Values are True?"
  • "What Should I Do?: Purpose, Interests, & the Will of God"
  • "Answers For Atheists and Skeptics: How to Have an Intelligent Conversation About God with Those who Have Doubts"


A powerful weekend of content that uncovers America's rich Christian Heritage, and equips you to take action against real threats that seek to destroy our faith, our families, and the country we dearly love.

Messages for this Tour:

  • "One Nation Under God: How Christianity Influenced the Development of America" (2 Parts)
  • "Abortion: America's Holocaust"
  • "The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family & Country" (3 Parts)
  • "A Christian Response to Islam"
  • "War of the Worldviews: Understanding and Responding to Belief Systems That Compete for the Soul of Our Culture"
7What are the available dates for THE STAND STRONG TOUR?
Please submit a Submission Form and we will work with you around the two weekend dates that you submit that work for your church or organization.
8Are there any promo pieces I can use to promote the event?
Yes. Please CLICK HERE to view the promo material page.
9What are the audio and visual requirements needed for the tour?
  • 2 wireless microphone ear sets
  • Projector and/or TV screens for laptop presentation and video • Podium for laptop
  • Audio plug to run out of the laptop
  • Extra power supply
  • Tech/AV person
  • Alex and Jason will do sound check and setup prior to event
The hosted church or organization is responsible (if they choose) for any/ all worship and/or music. Unless, of course, the hosted party wishes for THE STAND STRONG TOUR to bring in an outside band. That being the case, all costs and details will be discussed in full with the hosted venue and Alex and Jason.
10How do I go about booking THE STAND STRONG TOUR?
First, Alex and Jason are totally honored that you want to host STAND STRONG at your church or event. So if you would like to book us, please submit a form HERE.

We look forward to serving together!