Stand Strong in College

Stand Strong in College

A worldview weekend geared to teaching and strengthening the faith and community of young people. Great for both parents and students.

Messages for this Tour:

"What You Will Hear Your Freshman Year"

"STAND: The 6 Core Truths of Christianity" 
-Which you must know for an unshakeable faith!

"From God to Us: How We Got the Bible"

"I'm Confused: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & the Gay Gospel"

"Inside the Mind of the Skeptic"

"The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family & Country"

"Whose Truth & Values are True?"

"What Should I Do?: Purpose, Interests, & the Will of God"

"Answers For Atheists and Skeptics: How to Have an Intelligent Conversation About God with Those who Have Doubts"